Why it pays to have OEM spare parts readily available

In the refrigeration industry, OEM spare part availability plays a critical role in minimising downtime and maximising production efficiency. When essential parts are not readily accessible, businesses can face costly consequences. To that end, here are five reasons why it’s crucial to invest in OEM spare parts:

1. The Costs of Unavailability

When a refrigeration system breaks down and critical spare parts are unavailable, the resulting downtime can lead to significant financial losses. Idle machinery, interrupted production lines, and spoiled perishable goods can quickly accumulate expenses.

Moreover, extended downtime can strain customer relationships and tarnish a business’s reputation. By emphasising OEM spare parts availability, you can minimise these costs and maintain smooth operations.

2. Importance of Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is crucial for ensuring spare parts availability. It involves accurately forecasting demand, monitoring usage patterns and maintaining appropriate stock levels.

By analysing historical data and collaborating closely with suppliers, you can identify which parts are critical, their lead times, and establish optimal stock levels to meet maintenance and repair needs promptly.

3. Supplier Relationships and Lead Times

Establishing strong relationships with reliable suppliers is vital in reducing lead times for OEM spare parts. Collaborating with suppliers who prioritise efficient delivery and maintain transparent communication ensures that parts are accessible when needed.

This collaboration can involve setting up expedited shipping options, negotiating shorter lead times, or implementing vendor-managed inventory programmes to streamline the supply chain.

4. Redundancy and Criticality Analysis
Performing a criticality analysis can help determine which OEM spare parts are most crucial to refrigeration systems’ operation. By categorising parts based on their criticality, you can prioritise their stock levels and ensure that essential components are always available.

Additionally, implementing redundancy for critical parts can act as a safeguard against unexpected failures, reducing the risk of prolonged downtime.

5. Collaboration between Maintenance and Procurement

Close collaboration between maintenance and procurement teams is essential for effective spare parts availability. Maintenance personnel can provide valuable insights into the specific requirements and usage patterns, while procurement teams can leverage this information to optimise inventory levels, streamline purchasing processes and establish efficient relationships with suppliers.
“The availability of spare parts directly impacts downtime and production efficiency,” says Tristan Buchinhoren, managing director and founder of Spare Exparts. “By implementing strategies that enable prompt repairs, minimise downtime, enhance production efficiency, and ultimately contribute to increased customer satisfaction, you position your business for success in a highly competitive industry.”

Spare Exparts has a combined 30+ years of experience in the industrial refrigeration industry. We provide leading businesses across the world with OEM spare parts for Grasso, Sabroe, Howden, Mycom and Bitzer compressors of the highest quality.

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