GENUINE Spare Parts For Your Bitzer Compressor

Are you looking for GENUINE spare parts for your Bitzer compressor?

At Spare Exparts we are able to supply a wide range of GENUINE spare parts for all your Bitzer compressors. 


Open type compressors
(2T.2Y, 2N.2Y, 4T.2Y, 4P.2Y, 4N.2Y, 4H.2Y, 4G.2Y, 6H.2Y, 6G.2Y and 6F.2Y)


ECOLINE Reciprocating (semi-hermetic) compressors

(2KES-05Y, 2JES-07Y, 2HES-1Y, 2HES-2Y, 2GES-2Y, 2FES-3Y, 2EES-2Y, 2EES-3Y, 2DES-2Y, 2DES-3Y, 2CES-3Y, 2CES-4Y, 4FES-3Y, 4FES-5Y, 4EES-4Y, 4EES-6Y, 4DES-5Y, 4DES-7Y, 4CES-6Y, 4CES-9Y, 4VES-6Y, 4VES-7Y, 4VES-10Y, 4TES-8Y, 4TES-9Y, 4TES-12Y, 4PES-10Y, 4PES-12Y, 4PES-15Y, 4NES-12Y, 4NES-14Y, 4NES-20Y, 4JE-13Y, 4JE-15Y, 4JE-22Y, 4HE-15Y, 4HE-18Y, 4HE-25Y, 4GE-20Y, 4GE-23Y, 4GE-30Y, 4FE-30Y, 4FE-28Y, 4FE-35Y, 6JE-22Y, 6JE-25Y, 6JE-33Y, 6HE-25Y, 6HE-28Y, 6HE-35Y, 6GE-30Y, 6GE-34Y, 6GE-40Y, 6FE-40Y, 6FE-44Y, 6FE-50Y, 8GE-50Y, 8GE-60Y, 8FE-60Y and 8FE-70Y)


Screw compressors

(HSN5343-20Y, HSK5343-30Y, HSN5353-25Y, HSK5353-35Y, HSN5363-30Y, HSK5363-40Y, HSN6451-40Y, HSK6451-40Y, HSK6451-50Y, HSN6461-50Y, HSK6461-40Y, HSK6461-60Y, HSN7451-60Y, HSK7451-50Y, HSK7451-70Y, HSN7461-70Y, HSK7461-60Y, HSK7461-80Y, HSN7471-75Y, HSK7471-70Y, HSK7471-90Y, HSK8551-80Y, HSK8551-110Y, HSN8561-110Y, HSK8561-90Y, HSK8561-125Y, HSN8571-125Y, HSK8571-110Y, HSK8571-140Y, HSK8581-125Y, HSK8581-160Y, HSN8591-160Y, HSK8591-140Y)


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Important note: Spare Exparts is affiliated with Bitzer and is an authorised re-seller of their products. All parts available through us are GENUINE and are warranted by Bitzer.