Are you looking for OEM spare parts for your Howden compressor?

At Spare Exparts we are able to supply a wide range of OEM spare parts for all your Howden screw compressors.


For the WRV serie (WRV163, WRV204, WRV255 and WRV321) we are able to supply the below overhauling kits;

– Annual Inspection Kit

– Replacement Shaft Seal Kit

– Journal Bearing Kit

– Thrust Bearing Kit


And for the XRV serie (XRV127, XRV163 and XRV204) we can supply the following overhauling kits;

– Replacement Shaft Seal Kit

– Annual Inspection Kit

– Overhaul Kit


Send us your inquiry by email (info@spare-exparts.com) and we will make sure to answer within 1 business day.


Important note: Spare Exparts is not affiliated with Howden in any way and is not an authorised re-seller of their products. All parts available through us are OEM and are warranted by Spare Exparts and not by Howden.