Price Increases in 2023: How to pay less for OEM spare parts

Over the last two years, supply chains around the world have been challenged and tested. The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic disrupted global activities across all economic sectors and industries.

To ease the cost to consumers, many businesses and organisations implemented a prize-freezing strategy where they promised to fix the cost of particular products and services for a set period of time.

But now, the rising cost-of-living and increasing inflation has left many manufacturers with no choice but to hike prices in 2023. This also comes at a time when the world is edging toward a global recession.

In some cases, OEM spare part manufacturers in certain sectors are considering as much as a 60% increase, as they attempt to manage the demand and supply of parts, while also remaining profitable.

​​Unless supply disruptions and market pressures subside, it’s likely that the cost of products and services, including OEM spare parts, will increase drastically.

“It’s true, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global demand, supply and overall logistics cannot be underestimated,” says Tristan Buchinhoren, managing director and founder of Spare Exparts. “But what we’re seeing now, as industries attempt to recover, they are starting to increase their prices — directly impacting consumer’s pockets.”

Buying and replacing parts for refrigeration compressors is not something that can be avoided, as regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial to ensure the sustainability and reliability of a business.

However, what can be avoided is the drastically increased price to pay for these parts.

“In my opinion, the best time for consumers to buy spare parts for their refrigeration compressors is now. At Spare Exparts, we have our customer’s best interests at heart and that’s why I don’t want to see them pay more later for exactly the same OEM spare parts they could buy today,” concludes Buchinhoren.

Spare Exparts has a combined 30+ years of experience in the industrial refrigeration industry. We provide leading businesses across the world with OEM spare parts for Grasso, Sabroe, Howden, Mycom and Bitzer compressors of the highest quality.

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